Cisco announces "Entertainment Operating System"

Last spring Cisco purchased a social network company that I currently participate in and when I talked to the CEO and founder of the network, he would not comment on the sale.

So I bookmarked this story and kept my ear to the ground for developments for the sole reason that I wanted to know how this would affect my on-line community.

Months go by, but no news until yesterday when Cisco announced its "Entertainment Operating System" in the New York Times. EOS will be a hosted software-as-a-service platform that Cisco will deliver sometime in 2008 to various media companies. From what I can grok, EOS will provide social networking capabilities, content distribution and content targeting.

(Scooby: Groo?)

I still don't know how this affects the social network I'm involved with, if at all. Perhaps it's time to ping the guy again.

FWIW, yesterday Cisco was also featured in the San Jose Mercury News where the company intends to demonstrate "program shifting" technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in 'Vegas next month.

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