FWIW: Funny Or Die's Dirty Little Secret

It's worth noting that the hugely successful comedy video website "FunnyOrDie.com" that's spearheaded by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy and funded to the tune of $15,000,000 by Sequoia Capital is not a union shop. This, despite the fact that the Screen Actor's Guild (of which Ferrell is a member in good standing) has done outreach to his production offices.

When I asked the SAG rep WTF outreach meant, I was told: SAG sent them a letter.

Oh! A letter! Wooo!

And when I asked what was the response I was told there has been no response so far.

Let's get real: SAG would get all over my ass if I broke Global Rule 1. But Ferrell gets a fucking letter? That's it?

So now, as I asked my guests Justine Bateman and Peter Murrietta in the current uploaded episode of my podcast: "Just how the hell is the Internet going to be unionized?"

Just sayin'.

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