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From GoggleBurn's website:

You know they’re out there: Hot videos, hiding in obscure video sites that you’re too busy to ferret out yourself. Cool video clips stashed in remote corners of the web that you’d probably never find. Internet TV…Online Videos... call it what you will, it’s out there and you’re hungry for it.

And that’s why the net gods created Goggleburn. Host Nick Douglas (of Valleywag, WIRED and Gawker fame) presents the hits, the trends, the rising stars and the occasional falling asteroids of online video. At Goggleburn you’ll see the best stuff first. (Being first is cool, don’t you think?)

Nick and his army of video inciters (editors, mostly) will apply a critical eye to the latest clips, clueing you in to the ones you’ve simply gotta see. They’ll tell who’s making what, and why the world is watching. Maybe it’s because a video just grabbed everybody’s attention, like “Leave Britney Alone.” Maybe the clips are extraordinarily entertaining, like the ones at Waverly Films and Super Deluxe. And maybe there’s an interesting backstory about the auteur. (Daxflame, for instance.)

Goggleburn will show you all the best stuff, and also give you a glimpse at unmissable train-wrecks like Star Wars Kid and the Ottoman Humpers.

And we invite YOU to participate too. Viewers are encouraged to make video responses to Goggleburn-featured content. We’ll publish the best ones we get. And we’ll also provide pointers about getting your own videos made and watched—and maybe even reviewed on Goggleburn.

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