New to the blogosphere: Story2Oh! Here's their "Hello World" post:

What’s the story with Story2Oh!?

Story2Oh! is a sexy, funny and hip soap for the digital age offering marketers new opportunities to deliver their brand messages on the Web.

Story2Oh! targets 19- to 29-year-olds by bringing drama to the sites they already frequent, particularly social networking sites, including Facebook, the fastest growing site worldwide. Social networking is the second most popular activity on the Internet and becoming more popular by the minute. If an advertiser wants to hook up with the iGeneration, this is where they are.

Story2Oh! takes television storytelling techniques and expands them to make use of all the features of the Internet. The story action plays out on blogs, in forums, online photo albums, video uploads and through the Web’s interactive potential to create an exciting new form of drama. A staff of top television writers, comedians and actors make Story2Oh! professional calibre entertainment designed for Internet longevity.

In addition to product placement, product integration and traditional advertising opportunities, Story2Oh! can bring unique content to websites, drawing users with it. Additional revenue will result from subscriptions for mobile content and streamed video.

While there are production expenses, there are few technological, publication or distribution costs. For the audience, there are no schedules, theatres, or downloads. This is entertainment that’s there whenever the audience wants it.

More info here.

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