EFF Wants Your Help Fighting Telecom Spying Immunity

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and People For the American Way are initiating the fight against amnesty for telecommunications companies which have illegally spied on Americans over the past six years. They’re asking for bloggers and podcasters to speak out against the proposed immunity legislation.

Here's a snippet from the “Stop The Spying” initiative:
The Bush administration has, [over the past six years,] authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct dragnet surveillance on our domestic telecommunications networks,…with no warrants or other meaningful oversight.

…[C]ongressional leadership handed the president even more authority to violate your rights by passing the so-called “Protect America Act” in August 2007. Now the Administration wants to make its power grab permanent and prevent any court from stopping the illegal spying. Proposed immunity legislation could let telephone companies off the hook for their role in the program and block lawsuits like EFF’s case against AT&T.

A majority of likely voters reject immunity for the phone companies, and Congress cannot be allowed to cave. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised to retool the new spying law, but he appears to be willing to ignore your rights once again and allow warrantless domestic spying to continue.

Won't you join me? All the details here.

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