Internet TV comes into focus

From The Week Daily comes an article about Internet TV that really captivated me. If I had to pull out only one single quote that summarizes what my biggest question has been since the start of the strike -- namely why are writers striking against the ConGlom's when the Internet offers an opportunity to D.I.Y. -- here's a highly cogent response that I can actually grok:
"Networks are still the most efficient way to create and distribute high-budget programs to mass audiences. But the Internet makes it possible to profitably reach smaller audiences with niche programming."
The piece also pulls focus some other good questions such as: How soon will that future of Internet TV arrive—and what will it look like? Who’s going to make this magic box? What can Internet TV do that current TV can’t (another fantastically grokable opinion)? Will networks become obsolete?

The answers to these and many more really good questions are covered. Read the entire article here.
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