WSC Show #49 - Scene of the Crime: The Indictment

In today’s episode writers from over 35 crime dramas and police television series came together for contract justice with the “Scene of the Crime” rally that took place in front of the AMPTP-HQ in Encino, California. Featured are fans Heather Griffith and her sister Monique Darling. Also in this podcast: Rene Balcer (creator of Law and Order: Criminal Intent) and Marg Helgenberger (star of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation). Together they serve a three-count Bill of Indictment against the AMPTP and eight unnamed co-conspirators. Recorded Tuesday, 18 December 2008.

Extra: Interview with Rene Balcer on NPR's Talk of the Nation.

Producer/Host: Tanja Barnes

"Rockford Files Theme" performed
by Asterios Kokkinos and Melissa Kaplan


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