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Today I interviewed one of the only writers who's heard of Hulu. The podcast is forthcoming; I'm working on it now.

Hulu is an on-line joint venture with NBC Universal and and Fox News Corporation. It will focus on professional content and as opposed to the user generated content (a fancy term for "amateur") mostly seen on YouTube. I blogged about Hulu a couple of days ago, so if you're not up to speed check it here.

Hulu was supposed to launch the week of Halloween. But, no surprise, it still hasn't launched yet. Could it be -- gasp -- the timing of the launch conflicted with the start of strike and the ConGlom's saying there's no money to be made on the Internet?


You might want to check out this article entitled "NBC pulls YouTube clips ahead of Hulu launch", posted on MSNBC's website dated October 27th.

It's interesting to note that the article has been pulled, so if the above referenced link is dead (perhaps you're using a different web browser than Safari?) then run a search in Google using the search terms "hulu" and "launch". Then click on "cache" to pull up the old cache because, like I said, the article has been pulled.

Here's a juicy quote: "The massive popularity on YouTube of Lazy Sunday, an NBC Saturday Night Live clip, was a watershed in revealing the new medium's ability to circulate video to millions of viewers on the internet."


It's also very interesting that the most recent Hulu blog posting dated November 22 doesn't mention their delayed launch at all. Instead the blog highlights that in addition to some great reality television programming, they've also added thirty new titles their content library, from classic action titles like Remington Steele, Burn Notice, The Starter Wife, and Ghost Hunters. But wait! There's a fuckton more: 15 cable channels including Bravo, E!, FX, SciFi, Sundance and USA.

Hmmm.....indeed. Hrmph!

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