Tell the FCC: No More Media Consolidation!

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has scheduled a December 18th vote on whether or not newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership should be further deregulated.

Common Cause has posted the following response:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is once again considering relaxing media ownership limits. (Learn more about this issue.)

Three years ago we won the fight against media consolidation -- but only after a major public outcry. Now the FCC is at it again, and we need YOU to speak up once more.

Send your message today. The FCC must hear from citizens about how media consolidation affects their lives and their communities. The "official" comment deadline of January 16 has passed, but the FCC is still accepting messages from concerned citizens. Speak out for a better media and democracy today!

Click here to for more information.

Watch Bill Moyers response on Bill Moyers Journal.

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