Downloading YouTube Videos

Came across a great resource from jdlasica in how to download YouTube vids

The problem with YouTube is the fact that the videos are (apparently) not downloadable. What if you want to rip a vid to your iPod? There's no portability with YouTube! And because you can't Tivo YouTube's content, you'll have to sneak furtive glances at your computer screen when you're supposed to be temping (at least until the strike is over). I'm just sayin'.

Well now, there's a list, from the book Googlepedia by Michael Miller, that lets you download and watch YouTube videos on your own schedule (cue: Alleluia!):

To play the downloaded file, you need a video player program that can play back .FLV format files, like:

If you need to convert your downloaded .FLV videos to another format try one these Web-based transcoding services: Ares Tube, Mux, Vixy and -- my personal flava flav -- Zamzar.
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