Dear God, what have I done?

In another Internet rabbit hole, on a different social network, and using an alt identity I have thousands of friends and I post to a personal blog that serves as a salon for my community to share thoughts and ideas. One single post usually garners at least 15 comments so it kinda bums me out that there's no comment love here on this blog. I know there's readers here. I see my stats. But boy, are you guys are shy or what? Speak up! I need some feedback! Comments please!

Very few of my friends there know what I'm doing over here. It's not really a secret. It's more like an experiment. Can my private life be separate from this endeavor? Pro'ly not. I'm just curious how long it will take when my two worlds collide. Slowly, some of my friends are discovering my little enterprise here. One such friend suggested I create a MySpace profile specifically for the Writers' Strike Chronicles. Like, now I'm blogger, a podcaster and a band!

I was surprised at this suggestion. MySpace? I've got an account on Facebook, isn't that enough? I mean, I think both of these networks are kinda lame and boring. Often times on my oh-so secret social network I'm bitching about privacy rights in cyberspace and how both MySpace and Facebook are the worst offenders. Not only that, but like Microsoft has a major stake in Facebook and MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch, right?

But then again, my friend pointed out, quarterlife is featured on MySpace.

Oh, yeah. Hmmmmm...good point.

Recently I read in the San Jose Mercury News this article about the rise of Facebook last year. Jeremiah O predicts that Facebook would overtake MySpace and grow to 200 million members by the end of 2008.

Gah! OK...well...let's see about that. Until then, I'm multi-social-networking. I'm mashing it all together and calling it "MyFace"!

So, you can find me on Facebook, or you can friend me on MySpace. I'd rather see comments here though. Just sayin'. Come on, please...gimme some love. Leave a comment below. Come on. Make my day.
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