What happened? What's the story? What's the deal?

Wow, did I get an insight from writers and strike captains who e-mailed me to tell me how it went down at the Big Meeting last night! Go read what professional writers and story tellers have to say at United Hollywood. They can tell it so much better than any crappy ass cut and paste job I could do in this blog.

So, since I wasn't there, I can only blog about what I did last night instead. For those of you who care to know read on. But I swear it's not as exciting. Really. I urge you to go to United Hollywood and get the scoop.

While writers met at the Shrine Auditorium last night some friends of mine helped me put together party to celebrate my birthday and we kept our fingers crossed. The theme of the party was an 18th-century-style literary salon in which all my guests were encouraged to participate by presenting or facilitating a discussion lasting no more than five minutes on the topic for the evening: "Intellectual Property: Art vs Ethics In An Era of Mashups". The talks were followed by a screening of the The Dark Side of the Rainbow which is the mashing of the 1973 Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon with the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

I got home around 2:00 a.m. and went to record the lede of the next podcast. Like I said, I received a fuckton of e-mails from writers and strike captains as to what happened at the Big Meeting, so I was going to report that it was pretty positive EXCEPT that I had differing reports as to whether picketing was over. Rather than pull a classic Nikki Finke and go "I'm told that...bla bla bla", I decided to hold off and point my listeners to look for official word from the WGA. So I recorded the voice over, mixed things down, put it up on the Internet, typed a few words in the WSC blog and went to bed at 6:00 a.m.

See? I told ya. It's way more exciting on the United Hollywood blog.

Oh, and thank you WGA for the bestest freakin' birthday present evarrrr!

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