I Call Bullshit

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I'm jonesing for a bitchfest. Here we go:

I believe it's plain bad journalism for CNBC news to report that Michael Eisner said the strike is over. This is just as reprehensible and irresponsible as when the esteemed Nikki Finke blogs and says "I'm told that...."

It's crap. There's no fact checking. It's all hearsay.

Hello, Operator? Is Michael at the table? Is he in the room? All CNBC is doing is allowing Eisner to say the "I heard it from a friend" and we know that game. We played it in elementary school.

And as I just read on United Hollywood: "Michael Eisner is completely uninvolved and irrelevant to the strike."

True that. Interestingly, the real facts are coming from a blog rather than an accredited news source. Just sayin'.

Consider that yesterday was a huge ass picketing event at Eisner's old stomping ground at Disney Studios in Burbank. So, the timing of this so-called "news" is questionable. I believe it was a vindictive measure on Eisner's part to take aim at the writers and he used his buddies -- the media monopolies -- er I mean -- conglomerates that control the flow of news and information -- to do it.

And while I'm having a bitchfest: having walked the line yesterday I can tell you that the Team Disney building by Michael Graves? It's fugly. It's even fuglier inside. How do I know this? I temped in that God-awful building. I'm the daughter of an architect-cum-art-director. When I told my dad I thought this building was shite, he told me he thought I'd be tricked into thinking it was cute by its facade. Needless to say, he was proud of me. And I'm proud of him. My dad knew his stuff!

Until there is a deal in place look to WGA or United Hollywood for official news and information.


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