UnitedHollywood Puts A Shout Out For Media Coverage

United Hollywood just posted a shout out to let the news media know where to find them today. They also lamented how the rally two weeks ago went under reported.

I'm like: what do you expect? Are they really calling upon the Mainstream Media, which is owned by the media conglomerates of which they are striking against, to give them fair and balanced coverage? They freakin' control the flow of news and information.  It's people like me: bloggers, podcasters, and vidcasters that are telling the story from the bottom up, not the top down.

It's worth noting that I just read in a NY Times blog that as the writers strike enters its third week, the studios are fretting about their public images. Here's a snippet:
As Brooks Barnes wrote in Sunday’s New York Times: “Executives at studios like CBS, Fox and NBC Universal have said privately that their side was losing the public relations battle because they were not responding to union claims. Some were concerned that the union, using blogs and YouTube to publish its message, was succeeding in painting them as greedy.”

Read the entire article here.

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