Taking the Web Public

Craig Aaron, the Communications Director at Free Press has written what I feel to be a very compelling article as to why the public should participate in the discussion about net neutrality.

Here's a snippet:
For decades, the crucial decisions that shape the Internet have been made behind closed doors by high-priced lobbyists and ill-informed politicians with little or no public involvement. Surely Congress could agree to hold public forums -- online and off -- in every state, if not every district, before making the monumental decisions that will shape the future of the Internet for a generation.

You can pretend the government doesn't matter, that technology alone will magically set us free. But if you want the most revolutionary forum for free speech, democratic participation, and economic innovation to prosper, you'd better have a seat at the table when those rules are being written.

Entire article is here. Even better are the comments this post has received.

My two cents. YMMV.

Oh, and if you don't believe me, go ask a frikkin' ninja!

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