Distributing progressive voices on Internet TV

A recent blog posting from Shai Sachs about Internet TV as tool for progressive media:
The key to building a mature Internet television industry friendly to the progressive movement is an open, fast, cheap, and user-friendly pipe that goes directly from content producers to content consumers (and possibly in the reverse direction as well.) In particular, that means building (or latching on to) a cheap set-top box that attaches easily to a living room TV, and works with a reasonably easy-to-use remote control. It also means a set-top box that offers programming from an open network, and doesn't lock viewers into a closed network.
The one thing I'll dispute him on is this: "If Internet TV ever gains enough market penetration to rival cable TV, we will still need to work on offering attractive, compelling content, and properly distributing that content."

Dude. Strike that "If" to "When". It's only a matter of time.

As referenced in his post, I loves me my Miro player.

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