Google this!

I recently heard that in the third quarter of 2008, Google will release their own phone to the public. My initial response was "ooh! cool beans!" but after letting it set for awhile, I have some doubts about how it will come up against the iPhone. IMHO, had Google gotten into this market prior to Apple's darling, they might have had a competitive edge. As I wonder how it's going to all play out,'s editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff just released this prediction for the Google enterprise in 2008:
"Google will win that wireless bid and, with partners, start rolling out Android-based phones, though none will be the dreamed-about Google Phone. Google will never produce a phone of its own. Expect more Google apps, innovations, and non-search-related activity. The next big move for this company with cash to burn? Ownership of a major media company."

Perhaps I should go check out Google's stock. I'm feeling lucky!

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