I'm a radio star!

Yes it's true! In about 5 minutes I'm gonna be a radio star.

I know...video killed the radio star. And the Internet is killing TV...true that! Oh, oh!

Like I said: in 5 freaking minutes I'm joining Chris Spangle on Fox News radio (insert Scooby's "grooo?" sound here). More precisely, I'll be on WXNT (that's 1430 on the AM dial) in Indianapolis where I'll be talking about the writers strike, how it will effect some of America's favorite TV shows, explain WTF new media is all about, and whether this strike is a sign of things to come in American labor.

You can also stream it live at WXNT, or catch it on podcast later today here or on XNT’s website.

UPDATE: (December 3 @ 6:12 a.m.) OK...that went hella fast! I touched on some points as best I could, but the phone connection kept dropping out which was a little weird (not to mention stressful). Another thing that's funny: I was scheduled for the entire hour, but I think Chris and I only talked like about 24 minutes or something like that. Anyway, as soon as I get the audio for this I'll be posting it on the blog. As they say...stay tuned!

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