Heroes Fans Check It Out!

I just received an e-mail from Heroes fan Monique Darling, a guest on the WSC podcast who supported the writers by hitting the picket lines several times. She drove with her sister and her son all the way from Utah -- about a 8 hour drive one way -- just to do this. And she did this more than once!

Anyway, here's a snippet of the e-mail I received:

"Tanja, we just found out Ronan needs over $1,000 in dental work so we have put up a picket sign on eBay that has been autographed by some of the cast and crew of Heroes. If you could pass it on that would be awesome."

So there ya go! So sorry to hear about that, Monique. A big hug to you and to Ronan. I'm sure the sign will fetch a high price and a happy bidder.

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