United Hollywood's 1st Annual Short Film Contest

A few weeks ago, Jeffrey Berman from United Hollywood gave me the scoop on the FairDeal4Writers video contest. They're looking for videos on how to get the Moguls to make a fair deal, but they've also recently expanded the scope of the contest. You can now choose to make a film on any WGA contract issues that inspires you.

Get the contest rules here.

Jeffrey is probably one of the hardest working guys around. I've seen him practically every time I go to the lines. He diligently goes about collecting the autographs for the big prize: an authentic WGA strike poster with over 150 signatures, autographed by writers, actors, actresses and directors who signed it while on the picket line. I've seen it and I have to say: it's super cool! Nice job, Jeffrey!

For more information about United Hollywood's 1st Annual Short Film contest, log on to FairDeal4Writers.com.

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