OurMedia Retools, Revamps and Reinvents

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OurMedia is the Nikola Tesla of the personal media revolution in that it launched weeks ahead of YouTube. Yet just as Tesla's competitors -- namely Edison and Marconi -- get all the cred, so too does YouTube explode on the Internet while OurMedia does not.

It's worth noting that wireless communication (of which Tesla patented) is one of the reasons for why the entertainment industry is at an impasse today. Oh, but then again, there'd be no moving pictures without Edison.

Wow...those dudes are still fighting it out posthumously? Whatever guys...get over it!

Anyway, back to the topic: two years after its launch, today OurMedia's founder JDLasica announced that the service "is in the process of reinventing itself as a community of professional, semi-pro and amateur media makers showcasing their best videos and podcasts."

Check out OurMedia here.

After meeting Harlan Ellison on the picket lines today, I get the feeling that he would absolutely hate this site. I can hear him now: "Fucking amateurs!" And yes, Harlan. True that.

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