Mix '08 - The Next Web Now

File this under "New Media". Now in its third year, the MIX conference slated for March 5- 7, 2008, promotes itself as an "intimate opportunity for cutting-edge technical, creative and business strategists to engage Microsoft in a conversation about the future of the web." The purpose is to "explore the latest wave of opportunities and help redefine the boundaries between: content and commerce, PC and TV, Windows and the Web."

At the risk of reactivating a holy jihad between rivals Mac and PC and the communities they serve, my gut tells me this is a way for Ballmer to pick your brain and get a toe-hold over Job's corner on the market. And not to sound all Eeyore on you, but I've tested a Zune. There's a very good reason the Ipod is a winner in my book and that is: ease of use and elegance of design. It plays well with any file, whereas a Zune does not (this was my frustrating experience from a year ago this month so your mileage may vary).

Anyway, I'm a Mac grrl, so this ain't my thing. But maybe it's yours. Apples and oranges and all that jazz.

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