Today In The NY Times TV Decoder Blog

TV Decoder, the New York Times blog covering all things television, recently cross-posted the Michael Cieply piece.

Since I knew about the conversation regarding this on United Hollywood, I posted a comment to the TV Decoder blog with a link pointing back to the UH post and asking the Grey Lady two questions: in light of the media blackout, where is Mr. Cieply getting his information and has the NYT done a thorough fact check?

FWIW, the New York Times edited out my back-link to the UH post and I'm curious as to what their standards and guidelines are for deleting that.

Moreover, I'm also curious if I will receive an answer from the TV Decoder bloggers. In the world of Web 2.0, the idea is to create a dialogue between readers and publishers. So, will the NY Times respond? We'll see, won't we?

Check out the TV Decoder post here and be sure to leave a comment.

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