I Call Bullshit!

I like this guy HuffPo blogger Gary Rosen who's latest post puts it out there, keeps it real, and asks the question: "How eerie are the parallels between the behavior of the AMPTP and the behavior of the Bush administration?"

He writes:
"Using the pretext of an external shock to the system (in the case of the AMPTP, the rise of the internet -- in the case of Bush, 9/11), they have moved to grab power and achieve long-held goals (getting rid of "the guy who tried to kill my dad" -- getting rid of the residual system). Eschewing the warnings of the "reality based" community and the lessons of history (Vietnam -- the music industry), the AMPTP and the country at large have been driven down a self destructive path by hard liners (Cheney, Rumsfeld -- Time/Warner, Fox, Nick Counter) who view contempt as a virtue."

Oh word, Gary. And it gets even scarier!

Reuters reported last month: "The chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission wants an agency decision by year-end on whether to ease limits on how many media outlets a company may own in a single market...."

To put it simply: It's a decision to grant even more media consolidation to the ConGloms. In a word: monopoly.

That decision will be made on December 18th, 2007. If it is passed, the ConGloms get a pretty nifty Christmas present. They gain more power, they get a tighter hold on controlling news and information and...and...yes...the sky will fall.

But you can do something to prevent this. Call to action: Stop big media now!

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