Tomorrow: Labor Solidarity with Writers March and Rally

Hey there... the good news: I got booked to do background on a commercial tomorrow. The bad news: I'll miss the rally (see below) and will be unable to cover it. I'll proly be hitting the picket lines before my call time (2:00 p.m. in downtown) so if you see me, step up to the mike and let's have a chat.

Labor Solidarity with Writers
March and Rally on Tuesday, Nov. 20

Help write a new chapter in Hollywood history. Join thousands of members of the Writers Guild of America as the WGA begins week three of its strike against the media conglomerates of the AMPTP. March down Hollywood Boulevard with film and TV writers, actors, musicians, Teamsters, Service Employees and other unions in this fight for justice.

More than 10,000 writers are on the front lines of the fight to preserve decent working standards against corporate power.

1:00 pm: Assemble at Hollywood Blvd. and Ivar Ave.
1:30 pm: March down Hollywood Blvd.

For more information, contact the WGA at (323) 782-4574.

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