My Hulu Review

OK, last year I said I give my full review of Hulu, but frankly, I've been too busy to bother checking it out. Until now.

In a nutshell: I find it underwhelming. You need a fat pipe and I don't have one. Just yer bargain basement basic DSL plan. You can't buffer, so I experience a choppy, jaggy program that loads slowly. Will it fulfill its claims to be the YouTube killer? No. I mean, so not because UGC and commercial broadcast entertainment are different sides of the spectrum. (Yes, there'll be crossover, but it's your basic apples versus oranges comparison.) Picture quality is awesome, but then again, like I said: you can't buffer, so experiencing a choppy, jaggy program sucks.

About those ads: each episode viewed shown on Hulu offers three thirty-second advertisements by one sponsor. The ads don't really bother me and pro'ly won't bother your average GenXer or boomer. Millennials will find it so uncool. It seems they just don't like to be directly marketed to. But, meh, they'll get used to it.

Experian Research Services recently conducted a study that showed consumers are 47 percent more engaged by ads that run alongside television content online in comparison to those ads that run on broadcast. See video below for how Experian came up with these numbers.

Final analysis: even if/when Hulu improves, I'll avert my eyeballs until the writers get a fair deal and a cut of the revenue generated by these said ads.

My two cents. YMMV.

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