Come With Me

The writers strike (and the music industry before that) has revealed how the entertainment industry is in the midst of radical change unlike anything seen since Thomas Edison invented motion pictures or Philo T. Farnsworth invented the television. I suppose we now have Nikola Tesla to thank as media convergence redefines how we stay connected with friends and family, how we get our news, and how we watch entertainment (and even for some folks, how they have sex).

The scope of "New Media" or what I'd like to call "contemporary media" -- because after all, it's not really so new anymore, not even by new media terms -- is redefining every aspect of what I do as a performer including how I do it, how I make a living at it, and thanks to HD technology and CGI even how I look doing it. Using technology anywhere from mobile phones to social media, today's actors, writers and all digital/electronic artifex will pioneer new ways of expression and creativity in the age of information that will take our culture into the future.

As the writers prepare to vote on the proposed ballot next week, actors are ramping up their contract negotiations with the AMPTP. SAG's contract is set to expire in June. Yesterday I attended an informational meeting organized by SAG in preparation for the guild's Wages and Working Conditions Television and Theatrical New Media caucus with the SAG board members and negotiators coming up this Friday February 22.

I will be covering these developments like I did for the writers strike as a dual cardholder of both SAG and AFTRA. When I do, I invite you to follow me over at my new website: BraveNewMedia.TV

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