Hulu Announces New Sci-Fi Content

Eugene Wei, the Director of Product Management at Hulu and also an aspiring film director, announced today that the enterprise has added new sci-fi content on their line-up. Included are shows like Tin Man, Firefly, The Outer Limits, and Futurama. FYI, the latter is a show that I contributed to as a massage therapist to the animators of Rough Draft Studios back in the day.

Wei, like me, claims to have a particular fondness for the sci-fi genre. But frankly, I don't know a techie who doesn't! I think I'll shoot Wei an e-mail and turn him on to the "Star Trek" series of interviews in my podcast. I'm curious what his take might be. How's that for social networking on the World Wide Web 2.0? Let's see what happens (if anything) next. Stay tuned!

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