Errata: In the "WSC Bonus Podcast for 12/11/07" episode, I said that "5,000" pencils were going to be delivered as part of the Pencils2MediaMoguls campaign. I meant to say "500,000".

Yes, that would be pretty pathetic if United Hollywood's efforts to gain fan support would have only resulted in a mere few thousand pencils as opposed to half a million.

The truth is, I knew the correct number. My script shows me I did, too. However, in my v.o., I fucked up my line. Had this been an important breaking news story, this would have been perhaps a devastating mistake with far reaching implications.

This is a good example of why citizen journalists only make up a part in the gathering and sharing of news and information in a digital age. In my interview with Bill Froehlich, I was concerned that untrained and wholly amateur citizen journalists would come up against issues of accuracy when reporting.

However, one acquaintance made the point that the real issue in reporting, whether one is a professional or amateur journalist is "ethics" and cited the case of Dan Rather.

Fair enough. Nonetheless, I need to get better at this. I could also do with a fact checker.

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