Just in time for Christmas!

You striking writers and those affected, scrape together $150.00 because this little gizmo makes a great gift and it's something the ConGlom's don't want you to know about.

Presenting... TakeTV...taaa-daaa!

Sansa TakeTV
  • - 4GB and 8GB sizes, $100 and $150 respectively
  • - Supports DivX (including Home Theater profile), XVID, and MPEG-4
  • - Up to 720 x 576 resolution
  • - On sale immediately
  • - Intended for use in downloading shows from one's computer to the TakeTV (which is then physically moved to the TV)

Works with Fanfare online video service
  • - Launching with content from CBS, Jaman, Showtime, Smithsonian Networks, The Weather Channel and TV Guide Broadband, including shows such as CSI, Survivor China, Dexter, and Sleeper Cell
  • - Video downloads will be both ad-supported (free) and paid (not sure how much yet), depending on the wishes of the content creators
  • - Fanfare video will also be playable on Sansa portable media devices
  • - Yes, it's DRMed, and yes, it's proprietary: TrustedFlash, developed by SanDisk
  • - Available in beta today, officially launching in 2008

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