Um, just one more thing.

Y'all should keep an eye on my del.ici.ous bookmarks as I will be occasionally updating these as time permits in the next few days. Having said that, I found a juicy blog posting by Will Richmond from Internet Evolution entitled "Six Broadband Video Trends to Watch in 2008". Here's his prediction as it pertains to the writers' strike:

Writers Guild of America strike will fuel broadband video proliferation.

As the Writers Guild of America strike slogs on, it is inevitable that many TV writers and producers (especially below the top tier) are going to look upon broadband as an attractive new medium to ply their trade. The signs are already there. Ironically, the strike, which is centered on reallocating "new media" revenues, is going to stoke more interest in broadband productions.

I can't say exactly how the writers’ strike will unfold, but I can say with confidence that a lot of the smart money is eager to invest in broadband video content. Writers and producers with track records and plausible plans will get funded.
Quarterlife, Next New Networks, and FunnyOrDie are all pre-strike examples of this.

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