Live Journal's WGA_Supporters Call To Action: Call the AMPTP

From the LiveJournal WGA_supporters USA Network Law & Order Criminal Intent Forum as posted by Susan Olson:

There's a new action item for today: Call the AMPTP.

The DGA (might) have reached a deal with the AMPTP (the DGA members vote on it on January 26th, 2008), and the WGA and the AMPTP have started informal conversations again.

This is a good start.

However, until the AMPTP and WGA start *officially* talking and negotiating, Fans For the WGA (FFWGA) is asking its members to call the AMPTP office in Encino, California between the hours of 9am to 5pm California time (noon and 8pm Eastern time) directly. Remind the AMPTP that it walked out of the negotiations 45 days ago and that the WGA has remained willing and waiting to bargain for this entire time period.

Now, we viewers and fans want both sides to return to the table without any funny business. We want them to settle the dispute, before it's too late for pilot season, and before the Oscars. The first number:

1-818-382-1706 [The Ambiguous Answering Message]

It will go directly to an answering message, so you don't have to worry about "talking" to someone or getting nervous. When you call please state:
  1. Which show(s) you regularly watch
  2. Your city and state
  3. Your closest NBC affiliate (if you watch on DISH TV or DirectTV, you can say so)
  4. Your gender
  5. Whether you are currently working
  6. Your age range(s) (i.e. under 18, 18-49, 25-44, 50+),
  7. If you are comfortable saying so, your approximate household income per year (example HHI $75,000+ per year...that is the most desired audience for advertisers so if your family/household earns that much money please say so...if not, that's okay too)
  8. You want the AMPTP to start negotiating with the WGA immediately.
  9. You want the AMPTP to bargain in "good faith".

As an example I'll give you my talking points:

I regularly watch and enjoy 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' and 'Burn Notice' on USA Network, (an NBC company) and 'Mad Men' on AMC. I live in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia, and because I subscribe to DISH TV, my closest NBC affiliates are in Harrisonburg, VA, Hagerstown, MD and Washington DC. I am a working female in the 18-49 and 25-44 demographics and my household income is $75,000+ per year. I would like the AMPTP to start negotiating with the WGA immediately and to bargain in good faith so that production on my favorite shows can resume as soon as possible. Thank you.

Remember to be polite, firm, and brief.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help make a phone call!

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S.E. (Susan) Olson
Moderator & Law & Order: Criminal Intent Fan Liason

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