I've got a doctor's note.

It's official. I'm full blown sick. What started as a mild case of laryngitis Sunday evening is now some full-on bugaboo. So, by captain's orders I've powered down production of this blog to minimum and am focusing solely on getting the podcast out daily.

Having said that, a couple of interesting developments on the tech side of things came out in the blogosphere today that I wanted to share. I know you don't get your breaking news from me and that's probably good. Go read DHD or UnitedHollywood for that. And if you want to be fair and balanced, go read the AMPTP's blog. Oh wait, they don't have one. Doh!

OK, top on my list today is:

Hulu is currently in private beta, but today they started offering invites through many of the popular tech blogs, including ReadWriteWeb, GigaOm, Webware, Mashable, Download Squad and TechCrunch. My invitation to join arrived a few days ago but I've been too sick to play with the other kids in the sandbox. Go check it out for yourselves. I'll join you guys later.

Second up: Today NewTeeVee com announced that Wil Ferrell's "Funny or Die" just received $15 million from venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and unnamed institutional backers.

The most popular video is "The Landlord" and to-date has had over 50 millions views. Check it:

Also worth checking out is "The Landlord Criterion Edition" where Ferrell and his partner in crime Adam McKay provide behind-the-scenes commentary:

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